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Meet The Team

At Impro our workforce is the very core of the business ensuring the daily operations run smoothly and efficiently.

We are extremely proud to have such a hardworking and dedicated staff of employees within the company. Each department contributes immensely to the overall productivity and success of the business, which enables us to provide a superior service to our customers.

Management Team

Impro has a dedicated management team who has the capability to deliver customer requirements and provide strong leadership throughout the entire business.

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Always on a ‘course’ and well known for his not so secret love affair with Van Morrison.

Ernest Culley

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When not helping run the business she’s running around being ‘Super Mum’.

Caroline Irvin

Sales & Customer Service Team

Our committed team are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction is obtained from start to finish of the order process.

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Loves to work and has been keeping his customers happy at Impro for over 20 years.

Kirk Dominy

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A real family man who loves to globe-trot and indulge in a glass of red wine or two.

Philip Watson

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An avid animal lover and enjoys taking her dogs for long walks.

Karen Rooney

Design & Reprographics

The team are devoted to achieving exceptional quality work and designs which exceed customer’s expectations.

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The Good Samaritan; when he isn’t working he’s helping out at his local church.

Mark McAlister

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An avid Chelsea football fan and he also loves to kick back and relax on his Cypriot holidays.

Wilson Croft

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A real gaming enthusiast who will sit up all night designing and playing games; it’s a good thing he loves coffee too.

Leonard Boyd

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Has a need for speed and is a real petrol head.

Jack McAllister

Production & Finishing

The production and finishing team are at the very heart of our business. They personally deal with every order received ensuring that operations run smoothly and high standards of print are achieved for every customer. These guys make it happen.

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The Dream Team.